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New Left-turn Signals Improve Traffic Flow


Motorists in Clearwater and Pinellas County are noticing changes with left-turn signal lights at major intersections, designed to improve traffic flow and comply with new nationwide traffic signal standards.  These new signals use traffic-monitoring software.  The green left-turn arrow may occur early, late or twice in a signal cycle, based on oncoming traffic.  This requires motorists to pay close attention to the signal to ensure they react appropriately to the new traffic cues.

At several intersection, including Keene Road and Gulf-to-Bay Blvd in Clearwater, these new left-turn signals now have four lights, which mean the following:

  • A red left-turn arrow means no left turns are allowed.
  • A solid yellow left-turn arrow means that left-turn traffic is about to stop, and motorists should complete their left turn only if they are already in the intersection.
  • A flashing yellow left-turn arrow means that left turns are allowed, but motorists should yield to oncoming traffic.
  • A solid green left-turn arrow means that motorists can make their left turn.

The new signalization scheme is becoming the standard for signals across the country.  Residents with questions can call the City of Clearwater’s Traffic Operations Division at (727) 562-4750.

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 2:13 pm by Ed Karlander

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