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Ed Karlander

Manatee Madness

Last month, a woman reported a group of manatees were stranded on Clearwater Beach.  As many as seven manatees ended up on the beach, likely pushed by high winds and the waves generated by the afternoon’s storms.  By the time firefighters arrived, four manatees had been pushed back into the water by beach goers.  That left three – three very large creatures – to get back into the Gulf.

Working with beach goers, firefighters pushed and pulled and tugged.  With the effort by firefighters and citizens, they were able to successfully return the manatees to the safer, deeper waters off the beach.  Kudos go to Bob Quinn (Lieutenant), Robbie Winer (Fire Medic), Mike Hutto (Fire Medic), Mike Aleksa (Driver-Operator) and Pete Lopez (Firefighter).

Posted on September 26, 2017 at 3:22 pm by Ed Karlander

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